Join us for our official Hacktoberfest event: FOSS and Fedora. We look forward to folks from diverse backgrounds sharing their skills and experience. Join us on Bluejeans to know more about Fedora Project along with interesting projects that you can contribute to like: Noggin, Pagure, Ipsilon and anitya.

Hacktoberfest® is an excellent opportunity to show your FOSS spirit by giving back to the open source community. This global event is open for anyone, from students to professional developers. All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.

How to participate

Here are three simple steps to follow for a chance to win a limited edition Hacktoberfest t-shift or plant a tree.

  1. Register at Hacktoberfest site.
  2. Enroll for our FOSS and Fedora event.
  3. Make four quality pull requests for issues tagged hacktoberfest in October 2020.

Are you new to all this? Fedora Join SIG is here to help you out. Don’t forget to attend our first meeting to know more about the projects that are open for your contributions!

In addition to all the above, first-time contributor are also entitled to a USD $100 of infrastructure credit at DigitalOcean.

Here is the schedule of the event:

  • [19:00 IST to 19:30 IST] Introduction to Free/Libre and open source software
  • [19:30 IST to 19:45 IST] Introduction to the Fedora Project
  • [19:45 IST to 20:30 IST] Introduction to projects like Noggin, Pagure, Ipsilon etc

Event code of conduct
Don’t forget to read the Event Code of Conduct before attending our welcoming and inclusive meeting. Happy hacking!