I’ve announced in the Mindshare, Design and Ambassadors mailing lists that I will try to revive the Marketing team.

Previously the marketing team was in charge of several tasks related to how the Fedora Project displays information to the public, working closely with Design, that produces assets, and Ambassadors, who attend events promoting Fedora Linux and the Fedora Project. The work of the team mostly focused on communicating the changes and new features in each release as bullet points that Ambassadors could use in their events.

What’s new?

The idea of this revival is to start reaching people, create social media campaigns and strategies, as well as to provide teams that need bullet points, assets, and guidance on how to market the Fedora Project.

For this, we should keep our old task of collecting “Talking Points” and screenshots, but also we should take access to different social media accounts and help contributors post content. Of course this content needs to be curated and, in cases where there is doubt about the content, approved; and here is where Mindshare comes into play. Mindshare is working in a policy content that we should follow to decide what content could and should be in our media accounts.

Help needed!

The Marketing Team failed because lack of hands to help. This time, what will be different is that we will take responsibilities only if there is hands to work on them. For that I asked infra to create a GitLab Sub-Group in the Fedora GitLab group. In there, I’ve created a project that will work as issue tracker, so we can create tasks and work on them coordinated.