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Fedora Linux 40 wallpaper talk: Unveiling the art of Open Source and nature

The Fedora Linux wallpaper is always on such a journey 😄. You can explore the creative process behind Fedora wallpapers in my previous F36 blog post.

As I write this, Fedora Linux 40 is live, and being the big four-zero the other Fedora Design Team members and I thought we should do something special. Instead of drawing inspiration from a historical STEM figure with an O last name, we opted for the word “Open” (which conveniently also starts with O!).

We always create a mind map to brainstorm different ways of interpreting the theme we could go with.

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Fedora Linux 40 Release Party: Celebrating community & innovation

The Fedora community came together on Friday, May 24th, and Saturday, May 25th, 2024, to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Fedora Linux 40. This virtual Release Party marked a significant milestone for the project, showcasing an array of new features, community initiatives, and a groundbreaking shift to the Matrix/Element platform for a truly open-source and interactive experience.

Fedora Linux 40 represents a significant step forward for the open source operating system. With 53 accepted Changes (28 System-Wide and 25 Self-Contained), it brings a host of new features, improved hardware support, enhanced security, and updated software packages.

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F40 Elections: Nominations now open & welcoming EPEL

Hello Fedorans! The F40 election campaign is now in full swing, and this cycle will be running a little differently than the previous F39, F38, etc. We are welcoming the EPEL Steering Committee to our elections cycle and having our Council elections move to once per year too. Read on for the details 🙂

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Forthcoming Kubernetes (K8S) changes in F40/Rawhide

The Kubernetes team has released Kubernetes v1.29, which is the version that will be included in Fedora 40. There are four important changes to Kubernetes in Fedora associated with this release that may merit attention.

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