Hello Fedorans! The F40 election campaign is now in full swing, and this cycle will be running a little differently than the previous F39, F38, etc. We are welcoming the EPEL Steering Committee to our elections cycle and having our Council elections move to once per year too. Read on for the details 🙂

Moving Council Elections to Once Per Year

During the Fedora Council’s hackfest in February this year, the Council discussed administrative items, including the timing of the Fedora Council elections. It was unanimously agreed that the elections move to a once-per-year cadence, rather than every six months. The reason being that having a member exit and a new one enter the council every six months has become a little disruptive, and stabilizing the term to a continuous 12-month period would be more beneficial to not only the council members, but the project itself, with the Council having some continuity. This also makes travel planning for the annual Council hackfest easier. 

So to start this off, the F40 election will be the only election for the Fedora Council this year, and going forward, the Council will hold its election after the Spring/Summer release.

Important Election Information

  • The F40 election will have two open seats for Fedora Council.
  • The elected term for the elected Council member seats will remain 12 months.
  • The F39 elected member(s) on Fedora Council will continue to serve their 12-month term, ending in November 2024.
  • The next Council election after F40 will be F42, and F44, etc.
  • The format of the Council elections, and all other Fedora elections will remain unchanged
    • Nominations take place via the groups wiki page
    • Interview questions will be completed via private ticket in the elections repo by each candidate per group
    • Interviews will be published ~2 weeks prior to voting
    • The Elections app will still be used as the voting mechanism.
  • Fedora Mindshare Committee and FESCo elections remain unchanged at this time and will continue to be held per release. 

New Addition: EPEL Steering Committee Elections

Another exciting update to our elections circuit is the addition of the EPEL Steering Committee elections campaign! The EPEL Steering Committee elections will now be run by the Fedora Operations Architect and will be held once per year, after the Spring/Summer release of Fedora Linux. You can nominate yourself, or someone else (with their consent), by visiting the nominations page and adding your name in the nominations box at the end. Interview questions are being finalized and will be available to candidates very soon.

Election Format and Schedule

Our F40 elections schedule is currently viewable here and all elections – Council (x2 seats), FESCo (x4 seats), Mindshare (x1 seat) and EPEL (x4 seats), will follow this schedule. Nominations have begun on April 24th so if you or someone you know would be a great asset to one of these governance bodies, consider nominating yourself or them (with their consent of course) before the nomination period closes on May 8th!