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FMN Replacement – Final Post

It’s been a busy month on the Fedora Messaging Notifications (FMN) Replacement team, but we’ve pushed through to the finish line and are very happy to announce the arrival of the shiny new FMN.

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CPE Quarterly Update Q1 2023

This is a summary of the work done by Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering (CPE) Team. Each quarter, the CPE Team, together with CentOS and Fedora community representatives, chooses initiatives to work on. The CPE Team is then split into multiple smaller sub-teams that will work on chosen initiatives + day to day work that needs to be done. Some of the sub-teams are continuous efforts in the team and some are created only for the initiative project.

This update is made from infographics and detailed updates. If you want to just see what’s new, check the infographics. If you want more details continue reading.

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FMN Replacement Blog – March

It’s been about two months since our last blog post was out. The team wants to give everyone an update on our progress and let you know that we are nearly at the finish line!

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FMN Replacement Blog – December

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Fedora Messaging Notification (FMN) Replacement blog! It’s been about a month since our last update, and I hope that time was as productive for you as it was for us. We’ve been like Santa’s elves working tirelessly to deliver presents for all the good Fedora users out there.

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FMN Replacement Blog – November

It’s been two months since we announced the kick-off of the Fedora Messaging Notification (FMN) Replacement initiative. Here’s the update on our progress since then.

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