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Forthcoming Kubernetes (K8S) changes in F40/Rawhide

The Kubernetes team has released Kubernetes v1.29, which is the version that will be included in Fedora 40. There are four important changes to Kubernetes in Fedora associated with this release that may merit attention.

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Kubernetes and Fedora Linux 37 Update

Kubernetes updates for Fedora Linux 37 have been on hold pending an update to the version of Go available Go has now been updated (thanks Alejandro Sáez!). Kubernetes 1.25.15 was submitted to testing on 29 October and will be available for general download 1 week later. See Fedora dist-git for current information on what versions of Kubernetes are available for Fedora in stable and testing.

Kubernetes Support On Fedora Linux 37

Kubernetes v1.25 is the version available for Fedora Linux 37 from Fedora repositories. Starting with Kubernetes v1.25.12, Kubernetes developers changed the version of the go language used to compile Kubernetes from v1.19 to v1.20. Fedora 37 currently provides go language v1.19. As a result, the latest version of Kubernetes available in the Fedora repository is v1.25.11 which is several versions behind the current v1.25 release. Kubernetes v1.25.12 included an important security patch for clusters that include Windows nodes.

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