Fedora Design Team lead Máirín Duffy wins O’Reilly Open Source Award

OSCON is O’Reilly’s annual Open Source Conference celebrating open source software and the people who make it happen. Red Hat developer and Fedora contributor Adam Miller published his event report for OSCON on the Community Blog yesterday.

OSCON 2016 Expo Hall Booth Report

Máirín Duffy wins at OSCON

Every year at OSCON, there is the annual Open Source Award given out by O’Reilly to “recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of open source software.” This year at OSCON 2016, Fedora Design Team lead Máirín Duffy received special honors on the main stage.

Watch the award reception below to see Máirín receive the award.

OSCON 2016 Expo Hall Booth Report

On Tuesday I attended OSCON‘s Open Container Day with members of the OpenShift team and the CentOS team. This turned out to be an interesting outing and I got pulled into an interview on TheNewStack with CentOS member Jim Perrin to discuss the Fedora and CentOS respective docker layered image build systems and tooling. This was a great opportunity to explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what we hope to provide to the community. This day was roughly half and half tech overview of different container tech and sales pitches from various companies. Which is somewhat understandable, since it’s a sponsored day event. I helped man the OpenShift table before getting pulled into TheNewStack interview.

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