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Need help? The Program Management Team is here!

As you may have seen elsewhere already, the newly-formed Program Management (PgM) Team is here. The PgM team is here to provide organizational support to other teams within Fedora. If your team is interested in support from the PgM team, please file an issue in our repo.

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Help wanted: program management team

I’d love to spend time in different Fedora teams helping them with program management work, but there’s only so much of me to go around. Instead, I’m putting together a program management team. At a high level, the role of the program management team will be two-fold. The main job is to embed in other teams and provide support to them. A secondary role will be to back up some of my duties (like wrangling Changes) when I am out of the office. If you’re interested, fill out the When Is Good survey by 15 April, or read on for more information.

About the team

You can read more about the team on Fedora Docs, but some of the duties I see team members providing include:

  • Coordination with other Fedora teams (e.g. Websites, design)
  • Consulting on team process development and improvement
  • Tracking development plans against the Fedora schedule
  • Issue triage and management
  • Shepherding Change proposals and similar requests

Since this is a new team, we still have a lot to figure out. As we go, we’ll figure out what works and adjust to match.

About you

You don’t need to be an expert to join the team. I’d like everyone to have some experience with either contributing to Fedora or project/program management. If you’re lacking in one, we can help fill in the gaps. You should be well-organized (or at least able to fake it) and have 3-5 hours a week available to work with one or more teams in Fedora.

How to join

Fill out the When Is Good survey by 15 April to indicate your availability for a kickoff meeting. This will be a video meeting so that we can have a high-bandwidth conversation. I’m looking for four or five people to start, but if I get more interest, we’ll figure out how to scale. If you’re not sure if this is something you want to do, come to the meeting anyway. You can always decide to not participate.

How to get help from this team

If you’re on another Fedora team and would like to get support from the program management team, great! We don’t have a mechanism for requesting help yet, but that will be coming soon.

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