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What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 44 of 2017

My highlights from the past week:

Fedora 27 Server Beta & Fedora 27 Final are No-Go

On Thursday we met together with representatives of QA, FESCo, Release Engineering and few more people on so called Go/No-Go meeting. The goal was to determine whether the Fedora 27 Server Beta as well as Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. Unfortunately we had to come up with conclusion that nor Fedora 27 Server Beta , nor Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. We are going to meet once more on this Thursday, November 9nd, to revisit the status of these releases.

Autumn elections

As a consequence of the Fedora 27 Final release slip we are prolonging the period to collect questions for Questionnaire. The current schedule for the Elections looks as follows:

  • Oct 24 – Nov 20: Collection of questions for Questionnaire
  • Nov 21 – Dec 04: Nomination & Campaign period
  • Dec 05 – Dec 18: Voting period
  • Dec 19: Result Announcement

i686 SIG

On Friday 2017-Oct-30 FESCo has approved new SIG to take care of i686 issues. For more information please check the FESCo ticket #1737 or wiki page of the SIG.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community.

Mono SIG – Year in Review

Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) of Fedora

Mono provides .NET Framework environment to run ASP-based websites and create desktop applications on Linux. Source: qnap.com

The Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain Mono (and related) packages in Fedora. The goal of the Mono SIG is to provide high-quality and usable Mono software packages to Fedora users and developers and to support others in creating and maintaining Mono packages.

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