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Fedora Atomic WG is Moving!

Fedora Atomic WG from the 2016 Fedora Cloud FAD, photo by Kushal Das

Fedora Atomic WG from the 2016 Fedora Cloud FAD, photo by Kushal Das

The Fedora Atomic Working Group is changing where you participate in our portion of the Fedora community. IRC, mailing lists, and more are all moving. Read on so that you know where to find us.

Atomic WG and Fedora Cloud

The Atomic Working Group is responsible for Fedora’s new container cloud platform, currently consisting of Fedora Atomic Host and the Fedora Layered Images Build System & Repository (FLIBS). As Atomic is now one of the three primary spins for Fedora, the WG spends most of its time on releases and integrating new container technologies into the OS. We are building the immutable infrastructure of the future, helping make Fedora the best free platform for automating thousands of servers.

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Call for Nominations: Fedora Server Working Group

The Fedora Server Working Group builds Fedora Server Edition. It is a nine-person volunteer body that oversees the development, testing, release, documentation, marketing and evangelism of the Fedora Server.

Fedora’s Server Edition is a short-lifecycle, community-supported server OS that sysadmins can use to check out the latest open source server-based technology.

There is an open seat on the Fedora Server Working Group!

Stephen Gallagher has been the meeting chair and FESCo liaison for the group since its formation in 2013. We have been incredibly lucky to have him in the group, but he is changing focus to other commitments so his seat has opened up.

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