The Fedora Server Working Group builds Fedora Server Edition. It is a nine-person volunteer body that oversees the development, testing, release, documentation, marketing and evangelism of the Fedora Server.

Fedora’s Server Edition is a short-lifecycle, community-supported server OS that sysadmins can use to check out the latest open source server-based technology.

There is an open seat on the Fedora Server Working Group!

Stephen Gallagher has been the meeting chair and FESCo liaison for the group since its formation in 2013. We have been incredibly lucky to have him in the group, but he is changing focus to other commitments so his seat has opened up.

Membership on this Working Group is a moderate commitment requiring a participation of a minimum of two hours a week, one hour of which being the (usually) weekly meeting (Tuesdays in #fedora-meeting-1 for ~1 hour.)

Membership on the Fedora Server Working Group does not require you to be a developer, tester or administrator. Anyone who is interested in advancing any of the Fedora Server’s goals is eligible to self-nominate. Document-writers, translators, Fedora Ambassadors, end-users and anyone else can become a part of this team.

Interested in joining us?

If you feel that you are interested in becoming more involved with Fedora Server Edition:

We will have open nominations from now until Tuesday, April 19th, where we will vote on the new member at the weekly meeting.

If you self-nominate but aren’t selected to serve on the Working Group, do not fret! The Server SIG is open to all and the Working Group will always listen to your advice and concerns, so please stick around! While the Working Group is the final authority and voting body when disagreements come up or official decisions (like branding) need to be made, we are not the only people working on the Fedora Server. The Server SIG is small today, but growing. We would very much like to have you join us.