All of the coming week, we will be testing for  i18n features in Fedora 28. Those are as follows:

The fontconfig 2.13 Change will be based on the fontconfig upstream 2.13 release which will help to reduce the time during the font package installation/removal on the scriptlet to create/update caches which will make package installations/removal 5x to 10x faster than the previous release. This release also improves the performance of the applications with flatpak.

Then there are 3 default font Changes for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. All these languages now will use default font as Google Noto fonts. E.g. for Serif style they will use Noto Serif CJK, Noto Serif JP, Noto Serif KR fonts respectively.

Then next Change is Glibc collation update and sync with cldr which is to update collation data in glibc to an ISO file from 2015 (in sync with Unicode 8.0.0) and sync collation rules of the locales with CLDR. This will fix many bugs in the collation and make glibc sort more correctly according to current standards.

The last Change from Internationalization team is IBus Unicode Typing. IBus core provides an Emoji dialog box which users can type emoji annotations and output the emoji character using IBus (E.g. Typing “football” shows U+26BD). The proposal is the dialog box also supports to type Unicode names (E.g. Typing “copyright sign” shows U+00A9). This Change is part of new IBus 1.5.18 release.

Other than this, we also need to make sure all other languages work well specifically input, output, storage and printing.

How to participate

Most of the information is available on the Test Day wiki page. In case of doubts, feel free to send an email to the testing team mailing list.

Though it is a test day, we normally keep it on for the whole week. If you don’t have time tomorrow, feel free to complete it in the coming few days and upload your test results.