We’re only a few weeks away from when F35 branches from Rawhide. That’s the start of Fedora Linux 36 development. Several years ago, I created schedules through F36, which means we’re about to run out of schedule! Before I start the process of creating schedules for F37 through F42, I want to review the existing schedules. This is your chance to let me know what tasks need to be added, removed, or edited for your team. Or if your team doesn’t have a schedule and needs one!

The way I make future schedules is by copying the previous schedule and updating the dates and version numbers. This means I have to edit any change I make after the initial schedule creation into each release’s schedule. This is not entirely fun and leaves us open to my famous copy/paste errors. On the other hand, it’s helpful to our downstreams to have schedules far in advance so they can plan work that will go into Fedora Linux. So it’s a balancing act.

If your team has an existing schedule, I’ve already created an issue in the schedule repo to review it. You may be hearing from a member of the Program Management Team, but feel free to jump in with your thoughts. If your team doesn’t have a tab on the release schedule but you would like one, open an issue in the schedule repo. I’d like to have updates in by mid-August so that I can start preparing the next few years worth of schedules.