One thing that I noticed as I got settled in to this role last summer is that the Fedora release schedule tasks look a lot like they did when I first started contributing almost a decade ago. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. but I suspect it’s less because we’re still getting releases out in the same way we did 10 years ago and more because we haven’t captured when reality has drifted from the schedule.

As I start putting together a draft of the Fedora 31 release schedule, I want to take the opportunity to re-converge on reality. Last week, I sent an email to all of the teams that have a schedule in the main release schedule requesting updates to the tasks they have.

I’m putting the question to the larger community now. What tasks should be added, changed, or removed from the schedules? Are there teams that should be specifically called out in the release schedule? How can our release schedules better serve the community? I’m open to your feedback via email or as an issue on the schedule Pagure repo.