We learned this week of the passing of John McDonough (jjmcd). John was a long-time contributor to the Fedora Project, and we are sad to hear of his passing. John contributed heavily to the Documentation team, sharing his knowledge with a global user community. John didn’t just write documentation, he also mentored new contributors. He was a patient and caring mentor, and our community is worse for his loss.

When I first became a Fedora contributor 11 years ago, John was one of the people who welcomed me into the Docs team. His guidance helped me become a better contributor. Although he stepped back from contributing a few years ago, his impact continues.

John’s passion for open source was matched by his passion for amateur radio. His contributions to our Amateur Radio Guide helped many hams get the most out of their hobby. WB8RCR, WB8RCR, WB8RCR, SK

I created a memorial page on the wiki. I invite your contributions.