This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

Status Report for Amitosh Swain Mahapatra (amitosh)

  • Fedora Account: amitosh
  • IRC: amitosh (found in #fedora, #fedora-dotnet, #fedora-summer-coding, #fedora-commops)
  • Fedora Wiki User Page: amitosh

Tasks Completed

New UI for In-app Browser

We replaced the old In-app Browser with the new Android Custom Tabs functionality. This uses the users preferred browser while preserving the UI look and feel. We had to implement a new Cordova plugin for this functionality, as the existing ones were unmaintained and did not provide the features we wanted.

Pull request: #90

New Offline cache system for Fedora Magazine

In the second week, we designed a basic system. The work on this week improves on the basic implementation. We now support sorting and filtering online as well as offline posts. We also cache the carousel images displayed on the home screen. I have described its implementation on my personal blog.

Pull request: #93

What’s Happening

Improve offline cache system for FedoCal

In this week, we have been working similar improvements to the FedoCal integration. This will pave the way for subscribing to a particular meeting  – all future meeting will be automatically added to the system calendar. If the phone calendar is synced with Google calendar, the particular meeting will be available across all synced devices.

Highlighting new posts on Fedora Magazine and Community Blog

We are working to highlight new posts on Magazine and Social to inform the users about new content since their last visit.

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