Adding your events to fedocal

This message is provided by the Marketing team.

We, the Marketing team, want to promote those events where you are representing the Fedora Community. To do this, we are requesting you to add your events to fedocal.

Fedora Cal Display

If you haven’t heard of fedocal (Fedora Calendar), it’s the public calendar service where teams organize their work. In there, we have a calendar called “Events”:

Fedora Cal Display

The idea is to use this calendar to put all the events, not only those ones that organized by Ambassadors or Advocates, but all events where the Fedora Community will be present.

To use it, first log in to the fedocal app with the upper left login button:

Fedora Cal Display

This will prompt you to the usual fas login window, and then go to the Events calendar, shown above. This is the main view:

Fedora Cal Display

Then you need to use the “+” button in the botton left corner. You will be prompted to the “Add Meeting” view:

Fedora Cal Display

Fill the form with the details of your event, and always remember to set the Time Zone. In the bottom part of the form are additional details about that allows you to set a reminder of the event and to do recurring events.

Once you are ready to publish it, click the “Add” button and your event will be added to the Events’ calendar. You can see it in the calendar view on the date you choose to your event, or you can show the list of events that are in the calendar, to access this view, click on the “List view” button in the bottom left corner, just below the “Add meeting” button:

Fedora Cal Display
Fedora Cal Display

We are going to use this calendar to make a publication on the Fedora Magazine to encourage people to attend or even to help with the event.

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