Quick docs are meant to be short articles on the official Fedora documentation site that cover commonly used workflows/tools.

Unlike wiki pages which are generally unreviewed, information on quick-docs follows the PR (peer-review + pull request) process. So the new information that is added there is more trustworthy and should be too, given that quick docs is listed on the official Fedora documentation website.

Role 1: reviewer

All new quick-docs are added using the pull-request model. They all, therefore, must be reviewed.

So, a really easy way of contributing to quick-docs is to find a pull request that addresses a topic you know about and review it.

Similar to the package maintainers system, “review swaps” are encouraged: you review my pull request, and in return I will review yours. Not only does this ensure quicker reviews, it also helps contributors get to know each other! Please, feel free to request documentation review swaps on the mailing lists!

Role 2: writer

This role is on the other side of the review: you write new documents about topics that interest you. It could be anything, anything at all, that you think is worth documenting. Quite a few of us document various tools and techniques on our blogs—why not put these up on quick-docs if the are general enough to be of interest to a wider audience?

Documentation writers need reviewers, and reviewers need documentation writers. So, while I’ve listed these as separate roles, most people will do both!

Skills you will need/learn as a quick-docs contributor

As a contributor to quick-docs, you will need/learn the following skills:

You will notice that a these skills are mostly transferable to other work. This makes contributing to quick-docs even more useful, especially for beginners.

I mention this purely for the sake of completeness, for it should be obvious to anyone who sees the Fedora community go about its work: the docs team and the Fedora community in general, are always looking to spread whatever knowledge we have to others in the community or those looking to join the community!

Current requirement: improving automatically exported wiki pages

A large body of quick-docs consists of pages from the wiki that were auto-exported. These are not yet reviewed. So, we do need more community members looking at these pages, catching errors, and improving them. This is also one of the easiest ways of contributing to quick docs:

  • pick a quick-docs page.
  • verify whether the information is correct.
  • open a pull request with suggested improvements.
  • review other’s pull requests.

Get in touch, get started!

So, let’s get started? Here are the relevant links:

Happy writing!