Interviews for the Fedora Engineering Steering Council

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Interviews to be on Community Blog

It’s that time of year again: the Fedora Elections cycle for November / December is here. As jkurik described in his detailed post, there are a wide number of seats open this election cycle. Unlike prior elections, there will not be any IRC Town Hall sessions due to the difficulty of scheduling across time zones, which prolongs the election process itself. Instead, this cycle, campaigning and interviews will be done through the Community Blog.

The nomination period will be ending 23:59 UTC on November 23rd. After this period, candidate interviews will begin appearing on the Community Blog. Please see the November / December 2015 Elections Questionnaire for the questions that will be available to the candidates. You are encouraged to add your own, especially if it’s the “tough questions”! Candidates may (or may not) choose to answer as they fit.

Tune in for more Elections coverage on the Community Blog over the next couple of weeks.