CCOSS stands for “Cumbre de Contribuidores de Open Source Software” (Contributors Summit in Open Source Software). It is the first event in Mexico dedicated to improving accessibility for latin tech practitioners to contribute to world-leading open source technologies, focusing on delivering content in Spanish & providing hands-on mentoring opportunities.

The Fedora’s Contributors Workshop was hosted by Alex Callejas, Efren Robledo, and Ivan Chavero.

The workshop was divided into four parts:

  • Introduction to the Fedora Community
  • Getting starting (FAS account, badges, pagure, WCIDF)
  • Packaging 101 (aircrack-ng as an example)
  • Bugzilla for beginners.

CCOSS’19 in numbers:

  • Fedora workshop Assistants: 16
  • New FAS Accounts:16.
  • Assistants in touch with the Mexican Fedora Community: 9.
  • Assistants in STEM careers: 16.

Learned Lessons

Fedora Contributors Workshop

The CCOSS’19 was a great event but it’s still is difficult to get new contributors even in specialized events. The new onboarding method from the Fedora-Join SIG looks like a better approach and can be used in combination with the work of another contributor in a variety of events to onboard new people on our community.

The photos of the event are here.