Fedora Linux is foremost a community-powered distribution. Fedora Linux runs on all sorts of off-the-shelf hardware. The QA team relies on looking at bugs and edge cases coming out of community-owned hardware, so testing pre-release composes is a crucial part of the release process. We try to fix as many of them as we can! Please participate in the pre-beta release validation test week now through 7 September. You can help us catch those bugs at an early stage.

What is a Release Validation?

Release Validation is a process to validate a Fedora Linux compose in the release cycle. The validation steps are referred as testcases and multiple of such test cases help us test an area of Fedora Linux variants viz Virtualization, Cloud, Server, and Base.
If one or more test cases fail for a specific area of testing, they violate the associated release criteria!

In the event of a release criteria violation, we request you to file a bug which is then later classified as a common or a blocker bug!

What to do in a release validation event?

Current testable compose can be found on Fedora 37 Branched 20220831.n.0 wiki. Pick an artifact/variant you want to test from the Download Section. Commonly, we recommend starting with Workstation – if you are new!
Once the download is complete, you can:

Once you have the OS running, follow the test cases and post the results!

Have questions?

We keep our ears and eyes open at multiple places. Reach out to us via the test mailing list, the Fedora QA telegram group or IRC libera chat #fedora-qa. I (sumantrom) would love to help with your questions.