Today marks the inaugural kick-off of Fedora Appreciation Week. To help celebrate the Fedora Project, our fifteen-year anniversary, and the community of people that make Fedora what it is, the Community Operations team collected Contributor Stories from the community to feature here every day of Appreciation Week.

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Today’s Contributor Stories come from three people: Bee Padalkar (bee2502), Eduard Lucena (x3mboy), and Dyuti (recursedd).

Helped with IRC bouncer!

Contributor Story #2 from Bee Padalkar (bee2502)

“I had never contributed to any open source project before Fedora. I found open source intimidating – and I used to think a thousand times before sending any message on IRC. During those first few days, I used webchat to connect to IRC – simply because I didn’t know any other alternative. The internet connection I was using was also not that good and I was worried it would drop off and I would miss a message. I am not sure if I missed any messages but after a few days, Justin reached out and helped me set up my IRC bouncer. I am pretty sure I asked him stupid questions but he didn’t show it and I am glad for that! That act of empathy gave me a new found motivation to contribute to Fedora and I have continued since (even though the bouncer hasn’t!).”

Bee Padalkarcontributor-stories#2

The community is what makes the difference

Contributor Story #4 from Eduard Lucena (x3mboy)

“It was year 2009 and I move from my native city to Caracas.
I met tatica several years ago, in my college years, when I was trying to promote FLOSS in my university with my LUG and travel across the country with a national congress. She was also the photographer of my wedding.

At that time (2009) I was working with the Ubuntu Local Community and we were more focused in attend events and some installations. Once at Caracas I met with tatica to help with the organization of the FLISoL and she was the national coordinator. In that FLISoL I was representing Ubuntu and installing Ubuntu and I saw the Fedora stand, they were showing the stuff I usually do in my Ubuntu, but with Fedora, and that let me to think, I can try Fedora again (I knew Fedora Core 3 and 4 before, but I didn’t found it interesting). After FLISoL, I was a little upset and tire about the Ubuntu Community because I was wanting to do more, more than just events, more than a personal blog, more than just show the distro, but I focused in my job and I started to get away from the community, but still using Linux at a daily basis.

Getting in touch with people at Caracas and nearby areas, I’ve attended to a meeting with one of the oldest hardcore communities in Venezuela, I knew several of the guys there, including tatica, in that meeting she invited me to the FUDCon that will be held in Valencia (2012). There I notice something that I never notice before, and it wasn’t the event or the talks, It was the community itself that took my attention. There I have the chance of talk to several Ambassadors from Latam and to know how their work was actually affecting the distro, not only giving talks, but working in packaging, testing, coding, design, marketing and a lot of areas that actually helps the distro to grow, hand to hand with the community. That year I talked with tatica and told her I want to be part of this and I receive from her an advice that I still carry with me when I’m going to do something related to the community: “We are Friends, we have a Free, First and Feature distro to complete our 4 Foundations but the real gasoline that keep this engine going is the commitment. If you want to work with this awesome community be honest, be committed and be humble, that way you will gain trust in the community and things will be great both for you and for Fedora”. After that year I was going in and out of the community until 2016 when I email her and told I want to be an Ambassador. She IS my mentor, she taught me how this wheel rolls and she still give me advices in times of despair. For that and more, my contributor story is about her. Thanks so much.”

Eduard Lucenacontributor-stories#4

Baby steps towards Open Source!

Contributor Story #7 from Dyuti (recursedd)

“I still remember that day when I mailed her. I wanted to start on something (FOSS related) but I had no proper direction on what I should do. She was a total stranger but I stalked her on several places (hope she doesn’t mind 👽) and it was really inspiring to see all the work she was doing and to be honest I just found Women Open Source contributors really cool because I am so intimidated by it. But I never expected her to reply me back or provide me with so much help.

And well, she mailed me back quite promptly, giving me more direction on how to start, she introduced me to this great community and gave me leads on what are the kinds of work I could do. The reply did overwhelm me. I feel starting is the hardest part and having such a strong and warm community around you helps you grow magnificently. I can’t thank her enough on helping me to get started on this. Now I know a wonderful community and a friendly group of hard working people like Justin, Jona, and Amita who are a constant source of motivation.

Though I am still just taking the baby steps towards this, I hope to be better with time. 🙂 Cheers to Bee and everyone at Fedora!”