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Fedora at SCaLE 15x (2017) Event Report – Pasadena, California

At a Glance: What is SCaLE?

The Fedora Ambassadors distributed DVDs and swag items during SCaLE’s four-day expo and held a Fedora Day activity consisting of two presentations and a general meet up. Furthermore, we held a mini-memorial in honor of our Fedora Ambassador Matthew Williams.

  • Wayland in Fedora 25 proved to be positively popular with guests.
  • We exhausted an entire box of F25/F24 media by Friday and an entire box of F25 media on Saturday and Sunday and estimated distributing 650 DVDs total.
  • Peak visitors days were Friday and Saturday.
  • We collected highly detailed feedback for our various Fedora teams. Roll-up found below.

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Fedora Activity Day, Bangalore 2017

The Fedora Activity Day (FAD) is a regional event (either one-day or multi-day) that allows Fedora contributors to gather together in order to work on specific tasks related to the Fedora Project.

FAD in Bangalore

On February 25th 2017, a FAD was conducted in one of the admirable university of Bangalore: University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE). It was not a typical “hackathon” or “DocSprint” but a series of productive and interactive sessions on different tools.

Fedora Activity Day, Bangalore 2017

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IRC classroom instructors wanted

We’ve been working to restart the classroom sessions that we hosted regularly until a few years ago. We had a few discussions at the Fedora Join SIG meeting recently and realized that there’s so much that can be done. Among the ideas were using video communication platforms, setting up a moodle instance, and linking up with the campus programmes. Setting up a complete classroom programme requires a lot more homework before we can come up with a system and put the infrastructure in place. So, while this is being worked on, we thought it may be a good idea to resurrect the classic IRC classroom sessions to get the ball rolling in the meantime.

Instructors needed for classroom sessions

Before we can announce the classroom sessions, we want to line a few up. This is where we need help – we’re looking for instructors that want to take up these sessions. The sessions can be about anything – tools (Vim, Git, Emacs, Inkscape, Gimp, etc.), workflows (using updates-testing to help QA, contributing to the Magazine or Community Blog, etc.), development (Flask, kernel hacking, debugging, etc.)  or even educational sessions such as the free software philosophy. Really, anything at all.

If you’d like to take up an IRC classroom session, please get in touch with us on the classroom mailing list.  We’re also looking for recruitersemcees and anything else you want to help with!

Flock 2017 bids are now being accepted (due 28 Feb 2017)

It is time to start the bid process for this year’s Flock.  This year we are back in North America for Flock 2017. If you’d like to help host the event in your city, it’s time to start putting together a bid.  To find out what you need to do, read the wiki page. Bids are due by February 28, 2017, so do not wait to start.  It takes more time than you may realize to compile all the required information for a good bid.

Tips and advice for Flock 2017 planning

Keep in mind that committing to help plan a conference is a lot of work and shouldn’t be approached lightly. It’s a big time commitment, and as the local contact, you’re critical to the success of the event. Flock has been held successfully on college campuses and in hotels.  We need to make sure that the space will work for both the conference and be affordable.  Details are on the wiki page.

Not sure where to begin? You can view some of the previous winning bids for past years as a reference point for building your own bid. Check out some of these for examples:

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or need help getting your bid together.  If you’re not already subscribed to the flock-planning email list, you should also do so.

Flock Stories 2016, Episode 5: Haïkel Guémar

Flock Stories by Chris WardPackage maintainer, developer, contributor, mentor, and diversity advocate Haïkel Guémar challenges the Fedora audience to help make on-boarding for new Fedora users simpler. He talks us through example actions we can take to increase diversity in the Fedora Project community.

LISTEN: soundcloud.com/chris-ward-908424795/flock-stories-2016-haikel-guemar

I’m Chris Ward. @kejbaly2 on Twitter, Facebook, and even… Brno. Send me a postcard!

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Flock Stories 2016, Episode 4: Matthew Miller

Flock Stories by Chris WardToday’s guest is Matthew Miller (mattdm)! He’s a long-time Fedora user and contributor, as well as the founder of Boston University Linux. However, perhaps most important of all, he is the current Fedora Project Leader! In this interview, we ask Matthew questions like…

  1. How did you get to where you are today?
  2. What are some of the areas you’re focused on improving in the Fedora community now?
  3. And while we’re here, who else is making waves in the Fedora Project?

LISTEN: soundcloud.com/chris-ward-908424795/flock16-mathew-miller-r3-2016-10-16-chris-ward-flock-stories

I’m Chris Ward. @kejbaly2 on Twitter, Facebook, and even… Brno. Send me a postcard!

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Flock Stories 2016, Episode 3: Brian Exelbierd

Flock Stories by Chris WardWhat can you do to get the most out of your time at events like Flock? Today, we hear from one of the main organizers of this year’s Flock conference, Brian Exelbierd. Brian is a multi-disciplinary Fedora contributor who dabbles in community building, documentation writing, and technical problem solving. Most recently, Brian took up his new role as the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC). He also has some humble advice for folks looking for hints on how to give their Fedora contribution powers a boost!

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/chris-ward-908424795/flock-stories-2016-brian

I’m Chris Ward. @kejbaly2 on Twitter, Facebook, and even… Brno. Send me a postcard!

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Where to point newcomers to Fedora

Like any FOSS community project, Fedora relies heavily on volunteers. It is, therefore, no surprise that we’re always looking to increase our contributor base. There is always so much to be done. Of course, many teams work in harmony to keep Fedora ticking. Each team tends to have its own “on-boarding process” for newcomers, which if you’ve been around recently, you’ll have noticed CommOps has been working on improving one by one.

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Flock Stories 2016, Episode 2: Jonathan Dieter

Flock Stories by Chris WardIt would be pretty amazing if your school ran Fedora for their computer classes, wouldn’t it? Of course it would! And for that, I’m proud to present to you, Jonathan Dieter. Jonathan is an active Fedora Ambassador and a true Fedora evangelist. He is an incredible inspiration to young students at the Lebanon Evangelical School in Beirut, Lebanon, where he has used Fedora for over 10 years! In the interview, Jonathan tells us a bit more about his school and other interesting projects he is following these days.

LISTEN: soundcloud.com/chris-ward-908424795/flock-stories-jonathan-dieter

I’m Chris Ward.  @kejbaly2 on Twitter, Facebook, and even… Brno. Send me a postcard!

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Heroes of Fedora (HoF) – F25 Beta

This installment of the Heroes of Fedora series will focus on work done on Fedora 25 Alpha release.

This installment of the Heroes of Fedora series will focus on work done on Fedora 25 Beta release.

Hello fellow testers, and welcome back to the Heroes of Fedora – F25 Beta edition! In this post we’ll look at who-did-what during the push to F25 – Beta! Before we begin however, something has come to our attention that we need to clear up! Since Fedora 24 Alpha, we have no longer used the TC (Test Candidate) system and have switched to using nightly-test-validation to document testing on branched releases. When this change occurred early in the F24 – Alpha release cycle, the program we have used to generate test statistics was not aware of the change and some of the data it reported back for F24 – Alpha, Beta, Final and F25 – Alpha was erroneous. This has been noted and fixed, so the results from now on should be accurate.  We’re sorry for this error and will make sure that this does not affect the stats into the future.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to our Heroes of Fedora F25 – Beta!

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