Today is Day 4 of Fedora Appreciation Week. To help celebrate the Fedora Project, our fifteen-year anniversary, and the community of people that make Fedora what it is, the Community Operations team collected Contributor Stories from the community to feature here every day of Appreciation Week.

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Today’s Contributor Stories come from three people: Chhavi Shrivastava (chhavi), Eduard Lucena (x3mboy), and Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez (bt0 / bt0dotninja).

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Contributor Story #12 from Chhavi Shrivastava (chhavi)

“I think it is safe to declare that his energy is contagious. And he is everywhere :p Be it diversity team or badges or CommOps or docs! And he has the superpower to talk about it and convince you to join it. My story is pretty similar where he encouraged me to be active in our community and introduced me to a lot of people. He has the great skill of making everyone feel at home in a foreign country in a room full of strangers. Thank you Justin! Keep up the good work! :)”

Chhavi Shrivastavacontributor-stories#12

The Fedora Project Leader

Contributor Story #15 from Eduard Lucena (x3mboy)

“I met Matthew in person in the Docs FAD, but this story is some time before that. I was asking about making the podcast, annoying people vie email and I reach him to ask: “Do you want to be the first to be interviewed?” He say: “Yes, sure, let’s do it.” So I set up everything with my headset, and we start the interview, it was awesome, he is so humble, that he even don’t notice how people listen to what he says. After the interview, I was so impressed to read (yes, I read meeting logs and try to attend every meeting) his compliments to me:

<mattdm> and x3mboy is generally awesome

That leaves me astonished, and encourages me to continue working hard in this awesome community.

Thanks for your support, even when you didn’t notice the great work you do.”

Eduard Lucenacontributor-stories#15

You know that you can do it

Contributor Story #16 from Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez (bt0 / bt0dotninja)

“Radka is a very strong and determined woman. Once she chaired a CommOps meeting and she asked for help writing some documentation. Actually I’m very shy and I’m not a native English speaker so these kind of activities are challenging and cause me a little bit of fear.

At first nobody took this activity, and Rhea just used the amazing IRC command “/me“:

* Rhea is staring at bt0

<Rhea> bt0 you know than you can do it

So I did take the activity and I did relatively well, since that day I take the activities than I can handle even with a little bit of fear.

Thanks Rhea.”

Alberto Rodríguez Sánchezcontributor-stories#16