Want to be Fedora contributor? Start with Fedora 25 translation sprint!

Become a translator superhero in the Fedora 25 translation sprint!

We often meet many Fedora users that say, “How can I contribute something to Fedora?” or “How do I become part of Fedora?” This is the right time to reach all those users and inform them they can be contributors!

Why now? For translations, users already know their local language. Its just a matter of using translation tools like Zanata to get those translations in. This is also one good way to learn about processes in the Fedora community. It’s a fantastic chance to learn about packages, reviews, IRC, Bugzilla, mailing lists, etc.

We’re having a Fedora Activity Day, or FAD, to finish translations prior to the next Beta release.  We will be gathering online from 3th September to 9th September.  We have a list of priority projects to translate and many languages to cover.  In later stages, one can also help rewarding contributors and effectively closing the events with statistics and reports.

How to participate in the sprint

So, what are you waiting for? Here is a short list of the basics to get started. If you are new member, then you need to be part of local translation team first. You can follow the steps for becoming a Fedora translator. Otherwise, if you are already a member of a translation group, use the following steps to participate in this release’s sprint.

  1. Find a prioritized list of packages for translating on the Wiki.
  2. Click on the Zanata link in front of the package name.
  3. Follow the steps described in the “Translating” section of the guide.
  4. In case of any query, feel free to drop email on trans@lists.fedoraproject.org.

If you want to know what a translation sprint is like, see the information regarding the Fedora 24 Translation sprint on the Community Blog.

Fedora translation sprint – 5 days, 50 members and 20+ thousand words

Article co-authored by Sylvia Sánchez and Pravin Satpute