Participate in Fedora 26 translation sprint

Badge for Fedora 26 Translation sprint

Badge for Fedora 26 Translation sprint

With the great success of our collaboration during Fedora 24 and Fedora 25 to improve localization, this is the time to make it even better for Fedora 26. Since this is the third consecutive sprint, I am sure what more formal introduction is required. Let’s see the details on how to participate.

Details about the Fedora 26 sprint

  1. Date: 11th April to 17th April.
  2. List of priority packages:  Translation sprint packages.
  3. IRC: #fedora-g11n

How to participate in the sprint

Here is a short list of the basics to get started. If you are new member, then you need to be a part of a local translation team first. You can follow the steps for becoming a Fedora translator. Otherwise, if you are already a member of a translation group, use the following steps to participate in this release’s sprint.

  1. Find a prioritized list of packages for translating on the Wiki. This list has intentionally kept limited, participants are free to translate additional packages as per interest. It will be considered as a part of vFAD.
  2. Click on the Zanata link in front of the package name.
  3. Follow the steps described in the “Translating” section of the guide.
  4. In case of any query, feel free to drop email on

For more information regarding Translation sprint, read this article. And yes, we do have a Badge for translation sprint!

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  1. Badge should be updated to 2017 😉

  2. Now I know how I will spend the night shift at work 🙂

  3. Hi, I participated in translation sprint, but don’t receive badge. Probably nobody received it yet, please update:

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