On May 29, 2018 we celebrate our second release party in the UAM Azcapotzalco, this time the talks was given by Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez (bt0dotninja) one of the Fedora Ambassadors in the Mexico City. This release party had two main activities:

  1. “Introducing Fedora 28 ” talk.
  2. and one improvised “How to contribute to the Fedora project” talk.

Four F’s section

Introducing Fedora 28 talk


This talk was focus in the major improvements and new features of Fedora 28 from the perspective of casual user, developer and system administrator with emphasis on the following points:

  • Server: Modularity and Security.
  • Atomic: Atomic CLI and OS-tree.
  • Desktop: Atomic Desktop (Team Silverblue) and third party repos.

Also we talked about the actual community objectives: Modularity, CI/CD and IoT.

How to contribute to the Fedora Project

Originally, this talk was not planned but the interest from some attendees become evident so I talk about my experience as Fedora contributor from my first WCIDFF visit to become part of the CommOps team.

We did a little demonstration with the details of the creation of a FAS account and a trip into WCIDFF and the Fedora Developer Portal.

From WCIDFF to CommOps

This release party in numbers


Indicators F27 RP F28 RP
Attendees 26 13
New FAS accounts 0 8
New Installations 2 3
Pizza 0 8



One of the most important lessons learned has to see that even Fedora is popular in some places should always try to reach new groups and improve the diffusion of events and even when the how to contribute to the Fedora project was not planned talk (this time at least) it’s a important part of every release party. I really enjoyed organizing this release party and I am really hoping that this event becomes a tradition. See you in the F29 Release party.

Pizza time