Red Hat Summit — the annual conference for Red Hat customers, partners, and open source contributors — took place last month in Boston, Massachusetts. Fedora had space in the Community Central booth on the expo floor and we had a lot of great conversations with our community.

As you might expect, the attendees were familiar with open source and Fedora specifically. We got a lot of questions about Fedora Silverblue. Some people were enthusiastic users who have adopted it as their main desktop. Others had heard of it, but didn’t know the details. Fortunately, we were happy to share with them.

Since we shared a space with our friends from CentOS, we ended up fielding a lot of CentOS questions, too. With the announcement of RHEL 8 to kick off Summit, we got a lot of questions about when CentOS 8 would be available. The answer is “soon”. People were also interested in the relationship between Fedora and CentOS. It’s clear that we need to do a better job explaining that

Our demo included running Fedora 30 on pre-release ARM hardware. The effort of the Fedora community in supporting ARM and other non-x86_64 architectures is a point of pride for us. It’s a key part of the Fedora IoT variant and it’s important to the future of desktop hardware

In all, this was a great event for us. It’s always good to meet Fedora users and talk to them about what they like and don’t like. If you weren’t at Red Hat Summit, we hope to see you at another event soon. Thanks to the community members who spent time working the booth.