The Fedora Project’s Code of Conduct and reports are managed by the Fedora Project Leader (FPL), Matthew Miller, and the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC), Marie Nordin, as well as the Red Hat legal team, when appropriate.

In 2020 we had more than two times the number of CoC reports when compared to 2019. Due to dedicating a lot of time and effort to these situations, we spent a significant amount of time trying to understand why this was happening at these rates. We came up with a couple of theories. 

  1. Wow, COVID-19 was really, really, REALLY, hard to deal with. For everyone, in every place, across the world, including in the Fedora community. 
  2. Over the past couple years we have worked on improving the CoC. In addition, we’ve assured folks we are taking it seriously, and encouraged people to open CoC tickets when they feel it is appropriate. 

Either way, or even both ways, we have noticed a decline in the number of tickets being opened in the last two months. We hope that people have adjusted as well as they can to the realities of living with a global pandemic, and we are sympathetic to the emotions that can arise from these realities. 

If you have witnessed or been a part of a situation that you believe violates Fedora’s Code of Conduct, please open a private ticket on the Code of Conduct repo. As always, your reports are confidential and only visible to the FPL and FCAIC. Remember that opening a CoC ticket does not automatically mean action will be taken. Sometimes things can be clarified, improved, or resolved entirely. Or, it could be something pretty small, but it definitely wasn’t ok, and you don’t want to make a big deal… open that ticket anyway, because it could show a pattern of behavior that is negatively affecting more people than yourself. 

As we look forward to 2021, we hope to introduce an updated Code of Conduct, as well as supporting documentation. Reminder to be kind and considerate to each other as we move into year two of pandemic life, there will surely be new challenges to overcome. We all depend on each other to create a community that is healthy, safe, and happy. Most of all, we love seeing folks self-moderate and stand up for the right thing day to day in our community. Keep it up, and keep being awesome Fedora, we <3 you!


  • Opened: 20 
  • Closed: 16

Actions taken

  • Warnings issued: 8
  • Moderations issued: 4
  • Suspensions issued: 2
  • Bans issued: 0 

Note that in some cases, multiple actions may have been taken for a single person.