For the very first time, Fedora Women’s Day was celebrated in Bhubaneswar, India. The event happened on 26th November 2019 at the College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. My aim as an organiser was to have a session on “Getting started with OpenSource” which includes understanding the opportunities Fedora Project provides as an Open-source community as well as getting to know what open source is.
Since I had a diverse audience of students from different years, I had to plan the event in favour of both. So, the session was divided into 2 parts, with the first part being What is Open Source and how to get started with it and the second part which introduced Fedora Project as an open-source community. A huge crowd of students showed up, which consists of both genders. I was accompanied by @amitosh (Amitosh Swain Mohapatra), another community member of Fedora. The session was for 2 hours. 

I started introducing what is open source, what are the perks of doing open source. I spoke about Git and Github and how they are so important in the life of an aspired developer. Followed which I moved on to explain to them about different internship programs like Outreachy, GSoC, GSSoc, RGSoC etc.
A closed overview of the following internship included talking about their community, stipend and perks. Then I shared my experience as an Outreachy intern with Fedora and my experience at Flock 2019.

Followed by which there was a break for refreshments and snacks. After that, I talked about open-source with Fedora Projects. It started with introducing about Fedora, Fedora Workstation, and discussing the“Four Foundations” — Freedom, Friends, Features and First. Then I moved to a detailed discussion on various fields present in Fedora like software development, application packaging, writing, testing, graphic design and helping others. The session ended with “Where they can introduce themselves to join Fedora?” and their feedback about the sessions. Then I organised a small quiz, where they were asked questions about Fedora (that was already discussed in the session). Anyone who answered first got candies.

Following the end of the talks, swag was distributed and we took a group picture. But, my work as an organiser didn’t end there. After the completion of the session, I sent each attendee a greeting email, sharing them useful resources, links and event photographs.

I had a great time organising the whole event and with so much positive feedback I received, I would love to plan events of Fedora in Bhubaneswar. 

Link for the slides

Tweets of some attendees: Adyasha, Tulsi