As you probably know, there is annual convention called Flock. This year’s is happening in Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA and will begin the morning of Tuesday, August 29. Sessions will continue each day until midday on Friday, September 1.

I have asked all of the session leaders from Flock some questions.

And now you are about to read one of the responses.

The Future of Fedmsg? by Jeremy Cline

What is the goal of your session at Flock?

To demonstrate to Fedora Infrastructure developers possible features of the fedmsg library and get early feedback on those features.

What does it affect in the project?

Much of Fedora’s infrastructure is glued together with fedmsg. This will help steer the direction of the project to better serve its users.

What does your talk focus on?

It provides a broad overview of the difficulties of using fedmsg and focuses on two particular difficulties: reliable message publication and message schema definitions.

Without giving too much away, what can attendees expect to learn or do in your session?

Attendees will see some new APIs and features that are in the works for fedmsg and be able to provide feedback on both the API and the features.

Who should attend?

Anyone who uses the fedmsg library directly.

What do you do in Fedora/how long have you been involved in the project?

For the past year, I’ve worked on the Fedora Infrastructure team at Red Hat. I recently adopted the fedmsg library because it needed Python 3 support. I’ve been involved in Fedora for several years as a packager.

What attracts you to this type of work or part of the project?

fedmsg specifically interested me because distributed computing and messaging is an interest of mine, and because I enjoy working on libraries and designing APIs.