As you probably know, there is annual convention called Flock. This year’s is happening in Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA and will begin the morning of Tuesday, August 29. Sessions will continue each day until midday on Friday, September 1.

I have asked all of the session leaders from Flock some questions.

And now you are about to read one of the responses.

What Does Red Hat Want? by Michael McGrath

What is the goal of your session at Flock?

To let the community know what is going on at Red Hat as a company as well as how important Fedora is to our goals.

What does it affect in the project?

This will give some idea of the affect of Red Hat plans on certain projects like Atomic and Modularity.

What does your talk focus on?

It talks a bit about how different (and complicated) the various communities of Red Hat are, and in particular how Fedora remains the flagship community.

Without giving too much away, what can attendees expect to learn or
do in your session?

They’ll learn about the various Red Hat communities as well as some key technologies to Red Hat that are in Fedora now. We’ll also talk about how Red Hat is trying to do more development upstream and how that impacts Fedora (sometimes in good ways, sometimes not).

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in learning what Red Hat is up to and wants to know what Red Hat considers a success in Fedora.

What do you do in Fedora/how long have you been involved in the project?

Many key Fedora people report to me including the desktop team, Matthew Miller (Fedora project lead) as well as the Fedora Infrastructure team. I joined the Fedora Project in December of 2005 Around Fedora Core 4 time and became the Fedora Infrastructure lead sometime in 2006 as a volunteer and then Red Hat hired me full time in February 2007. I’ve been around 😀

What attracts you to this type of work or part of the project?

I’ve always been a Linux lover since the old Slackware Unleashed tome. The community is smart and vibrant and I have always felt lucky to be a part of it.