Attending a tech conference is not what I’ve experienced before, but I’m sure I’ll keep doing so forever. Flock ‘19 was an amazing one to start with, meeting a flock with same interest always gets you an amazing time. I’ll be sharing down some of the things that I took away from Flock to Fedora ‘19

The community planned a tonne of talks for everyone to attend, unfortunately, it was impossible to attend all of them. These are the talks that I decided to attend.

State of Fedora

This talk gave me the insights of the current state of Fedora, what’s coming up and what’s going wrong.

Facebook loves Fedora

During this one, I got to learn about what cooperates look at an opensource operating system, what they look for and how they implement it.

Improving Packaging Experience with Automation

This talk was about automating the build process on koji, It turned out to be a sort of debate regarding storage management and the way koji works.

Fedora CoreOS

I’ve heard about CoreOS before but this talk introduced me to the working and uses of CoreOS.

Fedora IoT

Me being interested in IoT automatically got attracted to this talk, got to know about the Fedora effort.

Fedora RISC-V

In this talk, we discussed the state of fedora running on RISC-V architecture. Got to know about the work put into porting systems to another architecture.

Fedora Summer Coding 2019 Project Showcase and Meetup

This was the last event where all the summer interns showcased their project.

Other than talks I met a bunch of great developers/designers and a lot of people that I really loved to hang out with. I really like the concept of lanyards and stickers to find out who’s fine talking to you and the fact that can simply go talk to anyone with a green sticker on their badge.

It was definitely an awesome experience, I’d really love to attend another Flock conference.