Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week. Self-Contained Change proposals are due on Tuesday, 29 January.

I’ve set up weekly office hours in #fedora-meeting-1. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else.



Fedora 30 Status

  • Change proposals for Self-Contained Changes are due 2019-01-29.
  • Mass rebuild begins 2019-01-30.
  • Keepalive deadline for Spins is 2019-01-30. Please notify me if you want your spin to continue to be produced for Fedora 30.
  • Software string freeze is 2019-02-05.
  • Code complete (testable) deadline is 2019-02-19.
  • Code complete (100%) deadline is 2019-03-05.

Fedora 30 includes a Change that will cause ambiguous python shebangs to error.  A list of failing builds is available on Taskotron.

Fedora 30 includes a Change that will remove glibc langpacks from the buildroot. See the devel mailing list for more information and impacted packages.



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