Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week.

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Help wanted

Upcoming meetings & test days

Fedora 31


  • 8 October — Final freeze begins
  • 22 October — Final release preferred target


Blocker bugs

Bug IDBlocker statusComponentBug status
1749433Accepted (final)mutterNEW
1747408Accepted (final)distributionNEW
1752249Accepted (final)dnfVERIFIED
1750394Accepted (final)gnome-control-centerASSIGNED
1750805Accepted (final)gnome-control-centerNEW
1754630Accepted (final)gnome-shellNEW
1754373Accepted (final)mutterNEW
1728240Accepted (final)sddmNEW
1755813Accepted (final)blivet-guiASSIGNED
1755898Proposed (final)gnome-shellNEW
1757948Proposed (final)fwupdASSIGNED
1703700Proposed (final)grub2NEW
1756567Proposed (final)vte291MODIFIED

Fedora 32



Submitted to FESCo

Approved by FESCo

CPE update

Community Application Handover & Retirement Updates

  • Nuancier: New maintainer has been found & completed first merge this week
  • Fedocal: App will be retired on 15th October if no maintainer volunteers
  • Packagedb-cli: being retired this week
  • Badges: Discussion happening here for maintainers
  • Asknot-ng: Moved to CommuniShift & whatcanidoforfedora is being redirected to this application.
  • Pastebin: The new maintainer and CPE team are currently working on moving this application to CentOS.

In addition, the team is creating comprehensive documentation for Communishift.

Other Project updates

  • Rawhide Gating: Still on track for early November release.
  • repoSpanner: Test suite is more stable with a number of issues resolved last week. Work still ongoing to make it more reliable. Performance testing is starting this week.
  • CentOS: 8.0.1905 docs now published on
  • CentOS CI SSL Authentication issue with Fedora Messaging plugin now solved.