Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management thislast week. Fedora 29 will reach end of life on 26 November. Elections voting is open through 23:59 UTC on Thursday 5 December.



FOSDEM Distro DevroomBrussels, BE2 Feb 2020closes 1 Dec
Indy Cloud ConfIndianapolis, IN, US26–27 Mar 2020closes 21 Dec
OSCONPortland, OR, US13–16 Jul 2020closes 14 Jan

Help wanted

Upcoming meetings


Fedora 31


Fedora 32


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Approved by FESCo

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CPE update

Rawhide Gating

  • Bodhi 5.0 has been deployed in production for a week and we are getting some feedback on the new UI.


  • 83x performance patch submitted as a pull request and is awaiting review. Once this 83x patch is merged, we hope that it will be possible to make a release/deployment.


  • JMS plugin has bene updated
  • Plugin update broke datagrepper: unix timestamp are in seconds, not milliseconds and postgresql doesn’t like the year 51850
  • fedora-messaging client on resultsdb had broke

Community Application Handover & Retirement Updates

  • Elections — Blocking issue was fixed (
  • Fedocal — jlanda hitting permission error in communishift
  • Nuancier — Benson Muite is now working on OIDC authentication.
  • fpaste — Published an article in Fedora Magazine. Sunset date: 1 December 2019.
  • GDPR and privacy-centric conversations are ongoing with respect to application handovers