opening ceremony

In its 16th edition, Latinoware started on Wednesday (27) and continued until Friday (29), with a program of over 300 activities. The Latin American Congress of Free Software and Open Technologies at the Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention, in Foz do Iguaçu, attracted over 2700 of participants, including children, students, professionals and even older people, interested in the different topics addressed.

event map

Booth Setup

Fedora booth

I arrived early in the morning  to organize our booth at exposition space and distributed eight type of stickers, pens, cords and buttons. All the ambassadors present in our stand, explain about Fedora to participants and help them install in their computers.

Ambassador explain

Fedora Robotics

Battle bots

Many children were playing with educational robotics and using Fedora Robotics to upload their code to their ARM board at Free Robotic room.


Fedora Project

Occurred on Thursday (28) at space Bolivia on 5pm a introduction about Fedora Project with a presentation of our slogan, structure, organization, sub-projects, who uses it and how to participate.

Fedora QA

Friday (29) at space Uruguay on 4pm a more technical presentation about Fedora QA take place, it was explained BugZilla, test cases and plans, test days, automated testing, version criteria and processes.

Packing up


Once again on the last day of any event in Brazil, is the free distribution of adhesives, limited to one per person each type as we had stock. At end Fedora Project distributed 100 pens, 1000 adhesives, 200 badge cords to old or new contributors, installed 2 notebooks and answered many questions about why and in what can use Fedora. Badge cord again made a good buzz at event, attracting new people to contribute and will be the working cord of old contributors, so our brand will be visible daily.
The main activity occurred at 16h with the official photo capture the event with all participants and 2pm was event final goodbye ceremony.

official photo

Attending Ambassadors

Juan Carlos Lin (Lin)

SIlvio Palmieri (SIlviopalmieri)

Wolnei Junior (Wolnei)