Last week, Outreachy announced the interns selected for duration December 2021 to March 2022, and we have three interns with us. This blog introduces them to the community. If you see them around, please welcome them and share some virtual cookies.

Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program that helps traditionally underrepresented people in tech make their first contributions to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities. Fedora Project is participating in this round of Outreachy as a mentoring organization. We asked our Outreachy interns to tell us some things about themselves! Here are they, in their own words

I’m called Ojong, a female Software Developer living in Cameroon. I have enjoyed working with the Fedora Websites project so far, making the UI look better, adding missing elements, and making it more presentable for the end-users. I have had no previous experience contributing to the Fedora community, but I’m very quickly loving it here already. I believe in users getting the ideal experience when using applications and websites, so I’m making the Fedora websites better for their users using my skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. Other than that, I am more or less an ordinary girl, with a love for sports and a few other things. Just for fun, I play tennis whenever I get the chance though I can’t say I’m very good at it yet :). Playing video games during weekends helps me relax after an exhausting week. I read a lot too since I realized it’s a very intentional way to build my mind’s strength. I selectively read books, blog posts, mostly topics I feel I would like to be more intelligent in.

Ojong E. (FAS ID: d-enow)

I am Subhangi Choudhary and I have graduated this year in Electronics Engineering from CET Bhubaneswar, India. Open Source has always fascinated me and this is the reason that I have been participating in several open-source programs which have really helped me in gaining a lot of knowledge and experience. I secured an overall rank of 6th in GirlScript Summer of Code this year and 36th rank in IIT Patna Winter of Code by contributing to multiple projects. Apart from this, I was also a software developer intern for 3 months in a startup company in Chennai, India where I worked on Tech-stacks like NodeJS, Flask, and RPA. I was also a mentor to an International community called Mentors Without Borders where I taught coding to underprivileged students as I love sharing my knowledge with beginners. I was also a Teaching Assistant where I taught full-stack web development to the students. The project for which I’ve been selected as an Outreachy intern is “Revamp web application to aggregate and distribute IRC meeting minutes and logs” and I am really excited and grateful for this opportunity. I had always wished to be interning with the Fedora community and this is going to be a great experience for me where I will get to work on a lot of things and simultaneously learn and acquire new skills which will prove very useful for me. The contribution period was a very good learning experience for me where I was guided by my mentors Akashdeep Dhar and Francois Andrieu who have always corrected me and guided me whenever I got stuck in any part. They are very good in their roles and have always helped me with my queries and doubts and have been very supportive throughout. It was my dream to get into Outreachy and now I am here. I am very happy to be a part of this community and will give my best throughout the internship. Looking forward to having a great internship with the community and mentors. Apart from coding and open source, I love dancing, painting, and acting and I have also been a part of my dance and drama clubs in my college days.

Subhangi Choudhary (FAS ID: subhangi_1234)

I am Vanessa Christopher I’m 21. I love exploring, making music, and most especially learning and trying new things (food inclusive). My experience with Fedora has been both challenging and exciting, I acquired new knowledge (RPM Packaging) with the help of my teammates and mentor (Ankur Sinha). I am looking forward to working with the whole team, learning more and inspiring others that they too can do it.

Vanessa Christopher (FAS ID: vanessa_kris)

Best wishes for their internship period and beyond!

We wish them all a successful journey as Outreachy interns and look forward to hearing about their experiences and project updates as we go.