Greetings from the Fedora source-git SIG! We are planning to start publishing reports of what we are working on so everyone can easily pay attention and get involved if interested. If you have any ideas, comments or requests, don’t be shy and let us know 🙂

Here’s a short list of things which we are working on.

Choosing git forge to host source-git repositories

We need to find a home for all the source-git repositories. This is actually a really hard task because we have many options (,, something custom or on-premise) and different expectations: some projects already have repos set up on different platforms while Pagure is the primary forge now. Since the CPE team is investigating GitLab as a forge, it’s even harder for us to figure out the primary forge. We may end up supporting both actually: and What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you prefer or More info:

High-level workflow proposal up for review

Hunor proposed a high-level workflow and I strongly recommend reading it. We have also started discussing many details in the process, such as getting archives: should we generate one from the source-git repo or use the official release archive from upstream?

Another big topic in terms of workflows are rebases (= updates to the latest upstream release, which are very common in Rawhide). Rebases are straightforward in dist-git, but when your source-git repo has complete upstream git history, they are no longer trivial, especially if one wants to get a review of a rebase. More info:


Packit is the tooling which will be used to work with source-git repos. No surprise there I assume 😀

We’ve done a lot of work here lately, mainly to polish the process of creating source-git repos and doing updates of dist-git repositories based on the source-git content.


We meet biweekly on Wednesdays via Google Meet, 2:30 – 3:30 UTC, next one is scheduled for July 7th.

Everyone is welcome to join the SIG or provide any feedback on the issues and PRs above. You can always find the latest information at:

I’d like to thank all the SIG members for being so active. I’m so happy to work with all of you!