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Source-git SIG report #1

Greetings from the Fedora source-git SIG! We are planning to start publishing reports of what we are working on so everyone can easily pay attention and get involved if interested. If you have any ideas, comments or requests, don’t be shy and let us know 🙂

Here’s a short list of things which we are working on.

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tmt hints: create a basic test

For those who still haven’t heard: tmt is now fully-supported in Packit, Fedora Continuous Integration (CI) system, and the RHEL CI system. Now you can use the same concise and consistent config to enable tests across all of them, more easily open source tests, share test coverage across releases ,and run tests as early as possible.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing short, bite-sized examples demonstrating tmt usage. With these, new users can get started quickly and existing users won’t miss various interesting and useful features hidden under the hood.

Here we go with the first set of examples showing how to quickly enable a simple smoke test for your component, assuming you are in your project git repository:

    sudo dnf install -y tmt
    cd git/fedora/rpms/foo
    tmt init --template mini
    vim plans/example.fmf

Adjust the example plan to run the desired command:

    summary: Basic smoke test
        script: foo --version

The very minimal config is really just two lines:

        script: make test

Now submit the pull request and wait for the results:

    git add .
    git checkout -b smoke-test
    git commit -m "Enable a simple smoke test"
    git push fork -u smoke-test

Eager to learn more? Not patient enough to wait for the results from the CI pipeline? Willing to safely execute tests from your laptop right now? Check the rest of the first chapter of our brand new guide to learn more.

GSoC Progress Report: Dashboard for Packit (July 1 – Aug 16 2020)

Hi! I am Anchit, and I’m working on the dashboard and the API for Packit Service. If you’d like to know more about me or this project, check out my previous post here.

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Using source-git to maintain packages in Fedora

Some time ago, we initiated a discussion on the devel list if dist-git is a good place to work. This thread received a great amount of wonderful feedback from you and we are so grateful for every messageit demonstrates the passion of the Fedora community.

If you are not familiar with how packages are being maintained in Fedora or what dist-git is, let me give you a quick summary. Every Fedora package has a dedicated git repository—a dist-git repository. It contains files needed to compile the sources and produce a binary RPM package which you can install on your Fedora Linux system. As an example, you can look at firefox dist-git repository.

This blog post is a followup to the discussion and lays out a concrete plan of what we want to do.

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GSoC Progress Report: Dashboard for Packit

About Me

Hi, I am Anchit, a 19 y.o. from Chandigarh, India. I love programming, self-hosting, gaming, reading comic books, and watching comic-book based movies/tv.

The first version of Fedora I tried was 21 when I came across it during my distro-hopping spree. I used it for a couple of months and then moved on to other distros. I came back to Fedora in 2017 after a couple of people on Telegram recommended it and have been using it ever since. A big reason why I stuck with Fedora this time is the community. Shout out to @fedora on Telegram. They’re nice, wholesome and helpful. They also got me into self-hosting and basic sys-admin stuff.

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