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Communishift is now available

Long time after first announcement of this Fedora hosted OpenShift for community we are finally able to say that it’s available. It took us (Fedora Infrastructure Team) a long time to get over all the legal issues of hosting this in Fedora Infrastructure, but we were finally able to solve all those issues.

Communishift is made mainly for hosting containerized projects related to Fedora, but not ready for infrastructure deployment yet. For example you have a neat idea for service that will help Fedora and need to test it something. Or you want to try a testing deployment for something you already have at hand, but it was never deployed in OpenShift. If you don’t meet any of those, feel free to request the communishift project anyway and we will look at the request individually.

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Fedocal and Nuancier are looking for new maintainers

Recently the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team announced that we need to focus on key areas and thus let some of our applications go. So we started Friday with Infra to find maintainers for some of those applications. Unfortunately the first few occurrences did not seem to raise as much interest as we had hoped. As a result we are still looking for new maintainers for Fedocal and Nuancier.

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