Recently the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team announced that we need to focus on key areas and thus let some of our applications go. So we started Friday with Infra to find maintainers for some of those applications. Unfortunately the first few occurrences did not seem to raise as much interest as we had hoped. As a result we are still looking for new maintainers for Fedocal and Nuancier.

What will be the responsibilities of new maintainer?

New maintainer will be completely responsible for the code base and communishift instance:

  • Managing application life cycle
  • Fixing bugs
  • Implementing new features
  • Managing OpenShift playbooks
  • Maintaining running pods in OpenShift
  • Deployment of new versions in OpenShift

In other words the application will belong completely to you.

What you will get as a reward?

To take maintainership of the application is not without its rewards. So when you will choose to take it over, you will be rewarded by:

  • Learning useful and marketable programming skills (Python, PostgreSQL, Ansible)
  • Learning how to write, deploy, and manage applications in OpenShift!
  • Making significant contributions to the Fedora Community (and often others)
  • Good feeling for helping the Fedora Community and the open source world
  • Experience with managing open source applications
  • Large user base (Fedocal is used by almost every team in Fedora, Nuancier is used by plenty of Fedora users and contributors to vote for new wallpapers)
  • A warm glow of accomplishment 🙂

What role does CPE play in this?

This can look like plenty of work at first glance, but we are here to help you start with this. CPE Team will provide you with guidance, help and as part of Friday with Infra, we will help you to get everything set up and fixing the most urgent issues. More information can be found on Friday with Infra wiki.

Sounds interesting, where can I sign up?

If you think you are the right person for this work, send an email to Fedora Infrastructure mailing list or ask in #fedora-apps channel on Freenode. See you soon!