After the initial hint describing the very first steps with tmt, let’s have a look at the available test execution options. Recall the user story from the very beginning:

As a tester or developer, I want to easily run tests in my preferred environment.

Do you want to safely run tests without breaking your laptop? Use the default provision method virtual which will execute tests under a virtual machine using libvirt with the help of testcloud:

tmt run

Would you like to execute tests a bit faster and don’t need the full virtualization support? Run them in a container using podman:

tmt run --all provision --how container

Do you have an already prepared box where everything’s ready for testing and you often ssh to it to experiment safely?

tmt run --all provision --how connect --guest

Do you know exactly what the tests are doing and feel safe to quickly run them directly on your localhost?

tmt run -a provision -h local

Note that some provision methods require additional dependencies. Installing them is easy as well:

sudo dnf install -y tmt-provision-container
sudo dnf install -y tmt-provision-virtual

See the tmt guide and examples for some more inspiration.

Happy testing! 🙂