We released Fedora Linux 35 and that means it’s time for the elections for various governing bodies in Fedora. This includes the Mindshare Committee. One seat is open on the Committee this election to serve two release cycles (one year). We invite you to vote in the upcoming Mindshare Committee election, and even run for the seat if you are inspired! Participating on the Mindshare Committee takes 1-3 hours weekly, as well as the expectation that you will attend any face-to-faces (virtual or in-person) if possible. This is an opportunity to support the Fedora Project in an organizational capacity, and you don’t need a lot of experience. Each Fedoran’s perspective is valuable to the work that Mindshare does. We would love to have you be a part of the Committee.

Maybe you know someone who wants to be more involved in Fedora and would be a good fit. Make sure to get consent from the nominee if you decide to nominate someone. If you or someone you know is interested in running, add those names to the Mindshare Election wiki page. The Election Wrangler will reach out to you with next steps.

What are the responsibilities of the Mindshare Committee?

The Mindshare Committee holds an important role in the Fedora ecosystem, providing direct support to anyone looking to accomplish community-related goals in Fedora. This means budget, event sponsorships, swag, coordination of team resources, surveys, and more. These are mostly non-coding related tasks, but they often support coding efforts.

Mindshare held a session at Nest with Fedora 2021 giving an overview of our primary functions and what we hope to achieve as a team. Generally the Mindshare Committee has 5 distinct goals:

  1. Improve communication between teams
  2. Support outreach efforts (events, swag)
  3. Motivate contributors and teams
  4. Share best practices
  5. Manage funding requests

Who makes up the Mindshare Committee?

The Committee consists of the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator, representatives from active Mindshare teams, and two elected positions. Here is the current Mindshare Committee roster:

  • Marie Nordin – Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator
  • Nick Bebout – Fedora Ambassadors
  • Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez – Commops
  • Rick Elrod – Websites
  • Máirín Duffy – Design
  • Petr Bokoč – Docs
  • Vipul Siddharth – Mentored Projects
  • Till Maas – Elected
  • Onuralp Sezer – Elected

OK, so what does the Mindshare Committee actually do?

All that information provides a great foundation- but what does this all translate to? What does Mindshare actually do? In the past year we have supported many Fedora initiatives that you might be aware of, including:

As you can tell, the work Mindshare does is crucial to Fedora and its functions. We hope this article and the session from Nest with Fedora provide the overall community with a better understanding of what the Mindshare Committee does and why. Hopefully, it inspires everyone to vote and get involved! You are welcome to join our weekly meetings (Note there are alternating times), join our IRC/Element channel, or learn more about the Committee in our Docs.