Even I am referring to week #47 in the title of this blogpost, I am going to highlight also some activities from week #46 as well.

At first you might notice I changed the title of this post-series to something shorter an hopefully more readable. I have received mostly positive feedback on this series, however some people were complaining about the title, which were too long and not very readable. Hopefully the new title fixes this issue.

Fedora 27 GA and planned End Of Life for Fedora 25

On Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 we have finally released the Fedora 27. However, I do not want to particularly comment on this. Instead,  I would like to point to End Of Life of Fedora 25 release which is planned 4 weeks after the F27 release GA, on December 12th, 2017, to rise an awareness of the planned EOL to let people some time for review of bugs reported against Fedora 25 release and to allow re-reporting for a newer version if applicable.

Changes Policy & Fedora Release Life Cycle

Mostly as a consequence of No More Alphas Change  we started with modifications of Changes Policy and Fedora Release Lifecycle. There were some discussions on mailing lists how to improve these and how we should reflect the missing Alpha in these documents. As a result I came up with these two proposals:

There is also a mailing list discussion on devel@ list., where you can comment or discuss your point of view. Currently these policies are waiting for the final FESCo review.

Mandatory Release notes

The documentation team is working on better tooling in parallel with re-thinking processes and the way how Fedora is going to work with documentation. As part of these activities there is a proposal we put together to enforce Release Note for every Change we implement on Fedora. This proposal is aiming to solve a long term issue we have with Release Notes, when it was mostly the last minute task we had done before a release and there was no way how we can enforce readiness of the Release Notes on time. Anyone who is interested in this should check the FESCo ticket #1796, describing the addendum to Changes Policy document and requesting an approval from FESCo.

Autumn Elections 2017

On Tuesday, November 21, we opened Nomination and Campaign period of the Autumn Elections 2017. For this election cycle we have open seats into the following teams:

The Nomination and Campaign period is open till December 4th, 2017. Please do not forget to nominate your self if you are interested to work in one of the teams above.