The CommOps team is happy to announce Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez (bt0dotninja) as the next CommOps team lead. Alberto contributes to the CommOps team since July 2016 as a leading member. Starting in the Fedora 30 release cycle, he will succeed leadership from Justin W. Flory.

Fedora CommOps started in 2015 from a vision. The vision was to enable a new kind of contributor: contributors who worked within Fedora to support sustainable community management practices among other teams of Fedora contributors. Many contributors realize that Fedora is a huge project, but they might not realize how huge:

Fedora organization chart produced by Fedora Council - retrieved May 2019
Fedora organization chart produced by Fedora Council. Retrieved May 2019. Source:

CommOps contributors enable other contributors to succeed in building communities of people around their sub-projects (i.e. the different extensions of the graph above). From resources for project management to generating content for newcomer on-boarding, CommOps helped teams not only release code as free software, but also invite others to get involved and help.

Fast forward a few years. Many things have changed in Fedora even in the four years I have contributed. The technologies we work with change. Initiatives and objectives end and new ones begin.

The way we build software together also changes. Fedora innovates in technology but the people in our community also innovate new ways to collaborate and work together. This is the space that CommOps contributors operate in.

Alberto has a wide view of the project from his experience helping with CommOps tasks. Alberto has done and continues to do great work in Fedora and I have no doubt he is fully capable of being an excellent leader. Please join us in congratulating Alberto as he takes on this leadership role in the Fedora community!