Today is Day 3 of Fedora Appreciation Week. 🎉 In celebration of the Fedora Project, our twenty-year anniversary, and the community of people that make Fedora what it is, the DEI team has gathered contributor stories, social media posts, and photos from the community to feature here daily throughout Appreciation Week. 💙

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Contributor Stories

Today’s Contributor Stories come from two people: Robert Wright and David Vales.

Thank you to Kevin

Contributor Story #6 from Robert Wright

Who is your story about?: Kevin Fenzi (kevin)

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I wanted to say thank you to Kevin – who has been a great help to me in trying to navigate the Infrastructure side of Fedora. I’ve been working on a data project, in which working on some larger scale data sets of the Fedora universe would be required. In my own way of stumbling though these requests, I’ve been trying to avoid causing problems for people and finding the right way to make my requests for more information and data.

He has been both exceptionally patient but also kind in guiding me to the right path in my endeavors. I’m appreciative of everything he’s doing!


Fedora is my main workstation

Contributor Story #8 from David Vales

Who is your story about?: Fedora Community

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*Well, this is me in the university, discovering all the topics about technology, someday, doing my homework about all the Operating Systems in existence, during the investigation I found the term “GNU/Linux”, my curiosity was very strong and force me to keep looking for more info about Linux, lots and lots of information were arriving at my mind, and I fell in love with Linux, but, I didn’t decided to what distro is for me, until I found Fedora, simply it just met all my expectations.
*And today, I use Fedora for Everything, in my Job, as Music Production, Servers, etc.


Favorite moments from the Fedora community

Today’s favorite community moments 📸 are shared by three people: Timothée Ravier, Marie Nordin and Gianni Bassini.

Timothée Ravier – 2023

Marie Nordin – Design Team FAD in 2016, Flock 2016, Flock 2019

Gianni Bassini – Fudcon Milan, 2011