Today is Day 5 of Fedora Appreciation Week. 🎉 In celebration of the Fedora Project, our twenty-year anniversary, and the community of people that make Fedora what it is, the DEI team has gathered contributor stories, social media posts, and photos from the community to feature here daily throughout Appreciation Week. 💙

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Contributor Stories

Today’s Contributor Stories comes from Nikita Tripathi.

My first and most memorable work experience

Contributor Story #11 from Nikita Tripathi

Who is your story about?: Marie Nordin (riecatnor)

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I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the exceptional mentorship I received from Marie Nordin, during my Outreachy internship with Fedora. Marie’s patience and working style set an incredible inspiration for me. It is the mentors, the managers and the people with responsibility in an organisation that set the tone of the organisation and Marie raised the bar of my first experience at work and at Fedora so high that I had to keep pinching myself to check if I was dreaming.

I hope I can meet and thank her in-person someday.


Favorite moments from the Fedora community

Today’s favorite community moments 📸 are shared by three people Ankur Sinha, Marie Nordin, and Emma Kidney.

– Ankur Sinha – from the FUDCon days

– Marie Nordin – Flock 2019, Fedora Hatch Rochester 2022, Flock 2017, DEI Virtual Team Building Event 2021

– Emma Kidney – Flock Ireland 2023