It has been several weeks since the Fedora Ambassadors Program Revamp launched. Within these weeks, we have made some interesting steps. In case you missed the announcement of the initial proposal, you can take a look at the wiki page that contains all the details. Also, make sure to check out our post published on the Community Blog last month.

In order to keep everything in one place and track progress easily the co-leads Mariana and Sumantro have created a Trello board to organize ongoing tasks. The Trello board will help the Temporary Task Force (TTF) and the other Teams and contributors involved in the Revamp coordinate with each other.

During September two Community calls have taken place in order to introduce the TTF volunteers to the project, get a feel for where everyone can help, and what the plan will be for the upcoming months. On the first call we spent some time introducing ourselves, reviewed the background history, and talked about the future of Community Outreach in Fedora. The second call focused on the skill sets of the TTF and assigning first tasks. Both calls were recorded and available on the Fedora YouTube channel.

Additionally, there are two tasks that have begun and are being implemented in parallel with the TTF’s work. These two tasks are the “Mindshare interviews” by the CommOps team and the “Community survey” that will be conducted by the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion team. For both these tasks, there is a ticket filed on the respective Pagure repo to track progress on the work. Take a look at CommOps ticket 220 and D&I ticket 153 to learn more.

In other news, the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp has started the process to become a Fedora Objective! Although this is not an Objective with technical implementation, it is definitely important to the Fedora Community, and the workload is pretty monumental. So far, the proposal has been filed to the council-discuss mailing list where we took questions from the Council and clarified a few points. As there has been no negative feedback as of yet, we have begun the next step of working up a formal Objective proposal.

The Revamp co-leads, Mariana and Sumantro, and Fedora’s Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC), Marie, presented the Objective to the Council in a recorded meeting that will be published soon on the Fedora YouTube channel.

Additionally, the co-leads will provide a brief summary to be included in the weekly Fedora program update blog posts prepared by Ben Cotton, Fedora Program Manager. This summary will include what the Temporary Task Force (TTF) has discussed at the weekly meetings and any other relevant updates.

This is an initiative that will take some time to be implemented and if you wish to volunteer you are absolutely welcome. On the Mindshare repo, there is a dedicated ticket for everyone who wishes to help with the Revamp! Drop your name in a comment on the ticket and you will receive updates on how to get involved.

Your co-leads,
Mariana & Sumantro