CPE Team at Flock

Flock is just around the corner and the CPE (Community Platform Engineering) Team will be there to join our Community at our annual event. We are also going to be presenting some talks around work that we are involved with and we have one hackfest ready. Let’s go look at what we have in our sleeves for you and hopefully you will join us at these sessions!

Future of release-monitoring.org

Presenter: Michal Konečný

Duration: 25 minutes

Schedule: Thursday, August 8 • 16:30 – 16:55

Do you want to know what lies under mists of the future covering the world of release-monitoring.org? Do you want to see how mage from the world of release-monitoring.org is giving speech?

Than this speech is for you. Take your mage hat and come to see what mysteries will be uncovered.

Fedora Compose Tracker

Presenter: Mohan Boddu

Duration: 25 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 11:30 – 11:55

Mohan Boddu is one of the release engineering guys in our team and as such he is the one who will talk about composes.

Fedora Release Engineering runs a lot of composes everyday which include nightly composes and bodhi update pushes. We wanted to have a centralized location to track these failures and work collaboratively in fixing these failures. We also would like to add more features and metrics to the compose tracker. We would like to invite everyone who is interested in Fedora composes and how we can improve that process for their benefit.

Open Source Agile in Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering Team

Presenter: Leigh Griffin, Pierre-Yves Chibon

Duration: 50 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 14:00 – 14:50

Leigh Griffin, who co-manages the CPE team, will talk about the application of Agile methodology in an open source community. He will look at how we are trying to apply this methodology and indeed mindset in the CPE team. He will talk about interaction with community and how the community could be involved in our work. Anyone who is interested in project management and agile methodology should attend this session!

Mass Rebuild and Mass Branching of modules in Fedora

Presenter: Mohan Boddu

Duration: 25 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 14:00 – 14:50

Mohan Boddu will again take you to the world of release engineering, this time he will talk about modules.

Mass rebuild and mass branching modules are handled differently when compared to packages. For modules these processes totally depend on their build time and runtime requirements. This is very important for the module maintainers to understand to be prepared for mass rebuilds and mass branching. 

I can recommend this talk to anybody who wants to maintain a module.

Gating rawhide packages: things just got real!

Presenter: Pierre-Yves Chibon

Duration: 50 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 15:30 – 16:20

This talk by Pierre will go back to the history of rawhide gating, describe where it stands today and what is in the roadmap. He will go through some of the early issue/feedback we have gathered. Your feedback and discussion during the session are, of course, most welcome.

This talk is recommended to any packager interested in this new workflow. Currently it is entirely optional, but in the future we believe it will be beneficial for Fedora to have gating in place for all packages.

Building CentOS with Familiar Tools

Presenter: Brian Stinson

Duration: 25 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 16:30 – 16:55

With the release of new technologies in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, we needed a new set of tools to build CentOS. Many of these tools: koji, mbs, pungi etc. have been proven out in Fedora, so we decided to explore using those to build our distribution. In this talk we’ll discuss some changes to how we build CentOS, and what we’ve done so far to let folks in our community build their own stuff too, using a koji/mbs distribution called “Mbox”. 

Brian Stinson is one of the CentOS guys working in CPE Team. He knows much about CentOS and I recommend to attend his speech to everyone who wants to know more about our beloved CentOS.

communishift: A OpenShift cluster for Fedora community managed applications

Presenter: Kevin Fenzi

Duration: 25 minutes

Schedule: Friday, August 9 • 16:30 – 16:55

Kevin Fenzi is the one behind communishift and there is no one who could tell you more about it.

Introduce the community openshift instance we have setup to allow community members to have the resources to run things for the Fedora or CentOS community.

Anyone from Fedora or CentOS community who wants to host something in openshift on their own should attend this talk.

Community Platform Engineering hackfest

Organized by: CPE Team

Duration: half-day

Schedule: Sunday, August 11 • 09:00 – 11:50

We will start out the day going over the list of things we hope to work on and then divide up into groups and work on those tasks. Toward the end of the hackfest we will all meet back and share with the rest of the group all the things we did.

This will be the best opportunity to also ask any questions you have for our Team, because most of our team will be on this hackfest.

Meet your FESCo

Organized by: FESCo

Duration: 50 minutes

Schedule: Sunday, August 11 • 13:00 – 13:50

Kevin Fenzi is member of Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, so if you want to talk with him about anything FESCo related here is the opportunity.

Additionally, if you want to ask something or just want to talk with anyone from our team, feel free to catch us at Flock. We will be happy to answer any questions or just talk with you.

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  1. zlopez

    August 7, 2019 — 08:11

    There were changes in the schedule after publishing this blog post, so I apologize if the scheduled time doesn’t correspond with time in this blog post. However the links in the titles should still work and take you directly to event on sched.com.

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